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My name is Melissa and I am a huge animal lover! I have owned and breed different breeds of dogs for over 15 years now! I currently have English Mastiffs and French Bulldogs. I am so in love with the French bulldog breed, but these little blue ones are something else! The blue color in them is just breath taking. I do breed my dogs but ALL of my dogs are very much a huge part of our family. My little blue Phoebe sleeps in the bed with me! All puppies are raised inside our home and held and cuddled from day 1 ! I have 4 kids plus all the neighborhood kids around the puppies so they are very socialized and very spoiled when they go to their new homes. Also since they are a part of the family and sleep inside the house they are very used to the night time routine so they are usually crate trained when they go to their new homes.

We live on a little over 2 acres in Cherry Valley Ca. We are so very blessed to share our lives with this wonderful breed! If you have any questions feel free to call or email ...







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