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Melissa Mooney has been a client at Banning Veterinary Hospital for the past 5 years. I have found Melissa to be a conscientious owner who takes good care of her pets.She strives to practice good preventative care at home to help keep her animals healthy and happy.She provides them with a stable and safe environment to live.When an animal does get sick she seeks prompt medical care.Everyone at Banning Veterinary Hospital knows that she loves her animals and does her best to provide a high quality of life for them. Melissa is a caring breeder who always puts her pets well being and happiness before her own aspirations.I would recommend her and her dogs to anyone. Dr. Kenny Summers DVM

Kenny Summers DVM

Letter from my Veterinarian

I found Melissa's listing after doing my own due diligence with other breeders. She is the only breeder who I feel truly cares about the puppies and wants to ensure they have a good home. After putting a deposit down she let me come visit her whenever I wanted. She would always text me if I had a question or wanted a new video or picture. My little girl will turn 5 months this March 20th and I can't imagine being without her. She has such a unique personality and I will contact Melissa if I have a future need fore more fur babies:)

Erin Moore

Bentley's Mom

My husband and I looked for a frenchie for months on end until we found Melissa's information on the AKC website. Upon making contact with Melissa, I immediately trusted her to match us up with the perfect puppy. Melissa knew that we preferred a honey pied or cream colored frenchie and worked with us to get our perfect little girl. When you visit Melissa in her home, you can see the love she has for her frenchies (and the puppies all love her so much in return). Being my first puppy, I was incredibly nervous but Melissa gave us great instructions for handling the first few days at home and she followed up constantly to make sure both we and our baby girl were happy. She also completed all of our AKC paperwork prior to our arrival and sent us home well prepared. It's been 6 months since we brought home our little girl and we are so in love with her. I won't trust anyone other than Melissa for our future puppies.

Carrie B

Satisfied First Time Frenchie Mom

My husband and I were looking for the perfect birthday gift for our 13 year old son and all he wanted was a puppy. After some further research, we learned that French Bulldogs met all our needs and would be the perfect dog for our family. We found Cherry Valley Blue Frenchies via the internet, along with several other breeders. After corresponding with Melissa via email and speaking with her personally, we knew she was the breeder for us based on her knowledge, love, and compassion for her beautiful 'babies'. Our little Hugo boy has been the best addition to our home and we couldn't have been happier with Melissa's attention to detail and willingness to help with advise and council. I highly recommend Melissa and Cherry Valley Blue does make a difference!

Tracy Cadwallader

Frenchie Mom

As a previous owner I had recently lost my previous frenchie and was gonna look for my perfect match. I must have looked through hundreds of frenchoes. Till I did find one I was extremely interested in but come to find out someone else was too and beat me to the punch. Melissa told me about a new litter she just had and that she did have one little girl. I reluctantly said OK I'll come see.... I can not say enough how happy I was the second I saw this precious little girl. She crawled her little chunky butt right over to me and fell asleep. I was instantly in love. Melissa let me visit as often as I wanted while she came to be age to take home. Melissa was very easy to work with and made everything so easy. I recommend everyone I can to her. My little girl name is Animal but we like to call her Annie for short. She is wonderful and has such a personality that everyone she meets falls in love. Check out her instagram animal_aka_annie to see. She so smart and she is my world!!!

Andrex S

Animal aka Annie's Dad

I was looking for a frenchie as a Christmas present to my honey. After searching the internet, I realized how many scams there were of people posing to be a reputable breeder. After getting in contact with Melissa, she assured me she was a reputable breeder and even invited me into her home to see the puppies for myself. After meeting with her I realized that she is one of the few people who has a genuine love for animals. She was knowledgeable about the breed and care and answered all my questions. She would even follow-up with me via text to tell me how my pup was doing. She's the epitome of a reputable breeder and I would recommend anyone that is looking for the perfect Frenchie, to go through her. Her love for these animals is exceptional and she even sent home our pup with his own care package. Thank you Melissa for your time and adding a new companion to my family!!!


Happy dog owner

Been researching Frenchies and breeders for about 2 yrs when I came across Melissa's Cherry Valley Blue French Bulldog website! Her's was not only very well done but portray's exactly what she herself is....A Breeder who loves the breed, her own Frenchies and sharing that love with others. We are so happy with our 1st little Frenchie girl Lynden and the joy she brings us every day! My next one will definitely come from Cherry Valley French bulldogs.


Frenchie pup

Melissa not only has brilliantly exotic frenchies to choose from, she also is a genuinely caring person! Our experience through the purchase of our newest family member would not have been the same with anyone else. My wife and I are blessed to have found Melissa and cherry valley blue frienchies!

levi kvande

satisfied frenchie owner

My husband and I had been looking for a blue Frenchie for months before we found Melissa. She was so sweet, very honest, and very easy to purchase from. The day the puppies were born she notified us. We received tons of pictures and videos of the puppies before we picked our final puppy out. We are so in love with the puppy we picked...shes perfect! Perfect personality and she's the perfect shade of blue that we were looking for in a Frenchie. When we bring the puppy out we get tons of compliments on how adorable she is. I still communicate with Melissa and send her pics of our pup as she grows and will continue to do so. Thank you Melissa for such a good quality pup!!

Jennifer McClure

Very Satisfied!

My husband and I bought a blue frenchie right after Christmas from Melissa. She is the most wonderful healthy happy adorable puppy! This is our second French bulldog and they are truly the best dogs out there, so full of personality. Melissa was wonderful from the beginning. she contacted me the day the puppies were born and sent pictures frequently, with updates on how they were doing. Our puppy is very healthy and we couldn't be happier with our decision to buy her from Melissa. For anyone out there considering a frenchie, I highly recommend her!!! thanks again Melissa for our baby Bella :)

Carly Rivera

I love my pup

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